Welcome to Club Vistara

Welcome to Club Vistara

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The fastest rewarding frequent flyer program is here!

All New Club Vistara besides matching your belief in fast paced growth and success, promises to make you feel exclusive with little surprises and joys all along the way. In short, when success comes fast, rewards must too.


Earn Club Vistara Points

Club Vistara's points earning structure, one of the highest in the industry, ensures that you are aptly rewarded based on the fare value, everytime you fly with us.

Quicker Accrual:

Tier CV Points per 100 INR spent
CV Base 8
CV Silver 9
CV Gold 10
CV Platinum 11

As a Club Vistara Gold Member, you earn 10 CV points for every INR 100 spent. For an average fare of INR 5000, you could earn 500 CV points.

And redemption of Award Flights start at 2000 CV Points & Upgrade Awards at 500 CV Points.

Every time you take a flight, you earn the following points

CV Points: These points can be used to redeem award tickets and upgrades

Tier Points: These points are used to evaluate your Tier status for enhanced privileges

Earn CV points through our partners-Airline and Co-brands

You can also play and earn CV points here

Redeem Club Vistara Points

Club Vistara offers the fastest redemptions, Award Flights starting as low as 2000 CV points and Upgrade Awards starting as low as 500 CV points. Once you have accumulated enough Club Vistara points you can redeem them for Vistara Award flights and Vistara Upgrade Awards.

Find out the destinations can you fly with us on your current accumulated CV Points with our innovative Destination Predict-o-meter. Calculate now

To view the chart for Award Flight on Vistara, click here

To view the chart on upgrade flights click here

To redeem your CV points, click here


At Vistara, we hold your loyalty and trust in high regard and offer you the fastest tier upgrades in the industry.

As a Club Vistara frequent flyer you begin at the Base level and with every flight you take or every tier point you earn, you move closer to the next tier.

Tier evaluation is in terms of tier points or the number of Vistara flights taken, whichever upgrades or maintains your tier status faster. To upgrade to CV Silver, a member needs to earn 15000 tier points or complete 20 flights in 12 months.

Tier Points Earning Criteria:

Tire Tier Points required for Upgrade OR Flights required for Upgrade
CV Silver 15000 20
CV Gold 25000 30
CV Platinum 35000 40

To know the Tier Privileges in greater detail

Complimentary Tier Match

Since we only launched our services on 9th January 2015, we understand that you are an elite tier(Gold and above) member with FFPs of other airlines. To reward you for choosing Vistara, we would like to extend our Complimentary CV Gold tier membership to you.

Once you share your details, you would be upgraded to our complimentary CV Gold tier for a period of 3 months. During this period you either have to -

Earn 9000 Tier Points or take 12 Vistara flights, for upgrade to CV Platinum membership for the next 12 months.


Earn 6000 Tier Points or take 6 Vistara flights, to retain CV Gold membership for the next 12 months.

In case you do not meet the evaluation criteria in the stipulated time, you will still enjoy the privileges of CV Silver membership for the next 12 months.

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CV Points Calculator

Simply enter the details of your trip, along with the usual cabin class flown, your tier status and other requisite information to find out how many CV Points you stand to earn on Vistara flights. This calculator also tells you how many points or flights would be required to upgrade to the next CV tier.

Destination Predict-o-Meter

We understand that one of the biggest motivators for compiling of CV Points is the joy of redeeming them for award tickets. Here is a simple way to know which of the 18 Vistara destinations work out as great redemption destinations for you.

Play & Earn

You have an opportunity to earn upto 500 CV Points by playing these short interactive games.

Hint: A good knowledge of Vistara and aircraft regulations will help.

*Earn upto a maximum of 500 CV Points through these games

*Refer your friends and earn 200 CV Points

Now that you're part of the fastest rewarding frequent flyer program, introduce your friends to its benefits as well. Refer upto 5 friends and earn 200 CV Points for each friend who takes their first flight with us. Please ensure they add your CV ID in the Referral id section at the time of enrolment.

*T & C Apply